The Writers


Tina Anton:  Tina Anton is a psychology student in the Dayton, Ohio area who spends her free time writing, reading and playing with her dog, Precious. She recently graduated with an associates degree in creative writing and is continuing her education pursuing a bachelors in English. Visit her website for more stories and a novel excerpt at or find her on twitter @Dean_Is_Batman.

Nikki Stein:  Nikki Stein is a mediocre waitress moonlighting as a writer. She lives in Jamaica Plain, MA and attends Emerson College in Boston. Her hobbies include visiting graveyards, catching mice in Tupperware containers, and writing love poems to David Bowie. She has never written a bio before and hopes that this is how it’s done.

Stephen Lawson:  Stephen Lawson is a working writer as well as a Blackhawk pilot and commissioned officer in the Kentucky Army National Guard. His short fiction stories, “The Dangers of Living Vicariously” and “Flea,” won third place in Toasted Cheese Literary Journal’s 2012 and 2013 Dead of Winter Contests, respectively.

Spanner Spencer:  Yes. Spanner’s his real name, and he’s already heard that joke you just thought of. Although Spanner’s not very good, he’s quite fast, and that seems to be enough to keep his fingers within fondling distance of a keyboard and away from the depressing world of real work.

Find out more about Spanner’s surreal world at

James Wolanyck:  James Wolanyk is a writer, freelance editor, and amateur treasure hunter in his final years of university. He hails from the backwoods of Massachusetts, and maintains a committed relationship with instant noodles, his Netflix queue, and his girlfriend. His newer projects are fantasy-based, and draw inspiration from Frank Herbert and Joe Abercrombie. When he isn’t walking his dogs, wrestling bears, or building monuments, he can be found writing material during transatlantic flights. He enjoys interacting with fans and diehard critics alike, and can be reached through his blog or Facebook page.

 Tyler Patterson: W. T. Paterson is a Chicago writer. Recently nominated for the Pushcart Prize for his piece ‘The Puzzle Man’, his work can also be seen in places like Maudlin House, Farther Stars than These, and Twisted Vine. Check out his full length novel Dark Satellites due out in early 2015, or send him a tweet @WTPaterson.

 Mel Cartagena:  Mel Cartagena is a writer and artist based out of California.  When he’s not writing he’s working in mixed media creating artwork focused on pop images and illustrations.  It can be found on Deviant Art .com under the name TheMelCat.


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