The People


Austen Burke:  Managing Editor

Mr. Burke has been an astute and enthusiastic reader for over two decades.  When Mr. Dreadful approached him with the opportunity to manage this delightful periodical he literally leaped out of his chair knocking over his tea.  Mr. Burke’s credentials include a BA in English Literature from Miami University of Ohio, an MBA from Loyola University in Chicago, and over ten years worth of writing and editing creative work.

Percival Dreadful:  Editor

Mr. Dreadful grew up reading the pulps, Strange Tales, being his favorite.  After his service in OSS during World War II he inherited a small barber shop from his father.  He turned it into another barber shop, several car dealerships, and a Venetian blind factory.  He’s thrilled to be bringing the literature of his youth back in the internet age.  He edits science fiction and fantasy.

Penny Dreadful:  Editor

Mrs. Dreadful shares a love of pulps with her husband.  They met during the war when she was an operative in Prague for a Czech Resistance group.  She’s spent the rest of her professional life writing romantic and spy fiction.  Naturally, she edits romance and mystery.

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